Sex time delay spray and cream for male / men in pakistan

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We have all kind of Sex long time delay spray  and sex long time delay cream in all pakistan. 100% original and imported products with guaranteed results.

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Sex long time delay spray  and sex long time delay cream for men are used for increase ejaculation timing of men / male during sex. This problem is known as premature ejaculation.Which is very a common problem these days. There are 70% men suffering from this problem. But we have a best and easy solution. Now you are at the right place If you are also suffering from premature ejaculation or less sexual timing and stamina.
So you just need to use powerful Sex long time delay spray and Sex long time delay cream. It's your choice that which item you want to use. Sex long time delay spray and sex long time delay cream
It will be guaranteed increases your ejaculation or sex timing and stamina 10 times more than before up to one hour or more.
It is better than sex time increase medicines / tablets or sexual power medicines for men.

It will control your erection and give you longer lasting hard erection which will increase your enjoyment and gives you more confidence during intercourse and love making.You can fully satisfy your female partner and get more enhancement and give her more pleasure and enjoyment.

Man delay spray have vitamin E to activate organ,s tissues & cells during intercourse which is good for both male and female. Its totally safe to use.
You don't need to consult a doctor before using. Delay spray or Delay cream has no any side effect. Every male can use it easily. It works quickly within five minutes after apply on panis.

Delay spray or Delay cream is odourless and is mild anaesthetic and only for male panis. You can also ask your female partner for sucking or oral sex.

The men who have very less sex timing and stamina they can use it to change their sexual life and make it better than before .this powerful sex delay liquid or cream will give full night satisfaction to you and your female partner guaranteed.

How to use men sex time delay spray ?

1. Use 15 minutes before intercourse or sexual activity
2. Wash your panis first and dry it
3.apply 3 short sprays on the panis . First spray on the top of panis , second spray on the centre of panis & third spray on below part of panis length.
4. Do not massage when you apply spray .just wait for 15 minutes .

How to use men sex time delay cream ?
1. Apply 15 minutes before intercourse or sexual activity
2. Wash your panis first and dry it
3. Take minor quantity of cream on your finger tips and make a minor layer on the half length of your panis including top.
4. Do not massage just make a layer and wait for 15 minutes.

We have all kinds of Sex long time delay spray  and sex long time delay cream in pakistan for men 100% imported ( made in germany , england & usa ) . All products have guaranteed Results with no any side effect.

There are some best brands of sex long time delay creams which are listed below:
1 ) Eros sex time delay cream for men ( made in England )
2 ) Maxman sex long time increase cream for men
3 ) Procomil sex time delay cream for men (made in Germany)
4 ) Reman,s dooz sex long time delay gel for men (made in Germany)
5 ) Cobra sex long time delay cream

 Secondly , there are different brands of long time sprays for men available in market made by germany & u.s.a. These brands are viga , dooz , largo , viagra , stud , porcodil , procomil , deadly shark , strong lion power , strong horse power , excel power , maxman etc
We have all these sex timing sprays which are 100% original and imported. All brands having their own performance and results.
There are different powerful sex timing increase sprays for men long lasting stamina .they are listed below

1) All Viga long time spray available (made in Germany) : Viga 50000 spray  /      Viga 60000 spray  /     Viga 84000 spray /    Viga 100000 spray

2) Super dooz ( reman,s dooz ) time sprays available (made in Germany) :  Super Dooz 14000 spray   /   Super Dooz 34000 spray   /   Super Dooz 44000 spray

3) Viagra 150000 long time spray (made in Germany)

4) Viagra USA long time spray ( made in U.S.A )

5) Largo long time spray (made in Germany)

6) Stud 100 desensitiser delay spray for men

7) Porcodile men long time spray  ( Made in Germany )

8) Deadly shark delay spray for men available (made in Germany) :  Deadly shark 25000 spray  /    Deadly shark 36000 spray   /      Deadly shark 48000 spray

9) Strong lion power 28000 sex spray (made in Germany)

10) Strong horse power 55000 sex spray (made in Germany)

11) Excel power 14000 delay spray (made in Germany) can provide you sex time delay spray or sex time delay cream or any product with full privacy in plain packing with cash on delivery service in all cities of Pakistan such as
Lahore , karachi , rawalpindi , islamabad , faisalabad , peshawar , multan , quetta , gujranwala , bahawalpur , sargodha , kamra , attock , wah cantt , kasur ,Rahim yar khan , hyderabad , sukker , haripur , gujrat , jhelum , jhang , mingora swat , mirpur , khairpur ,bannu, sialkot , chakwal , okara etc
Or any other city in pakistan